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https://www.cookiezoo.com/Custom-Themed/Custom and Themed Creations 

Our custom themed creations can be tailored to your specific designs by uploading a photo or 2 to cookiezoo@cox.net for inspiration.  Pricing varies depending on size and decorating detail but generally, most are priced at $1.85 & up $2 & up for  "plaque cookies"  with lettering or again, more detailed design.

We do require a 2 doz. minimum and charge extra for individual wrapping ($.20 fold over $.40 for bag/silk bow) and trays are $2 ea. but we can provide them in a box if you have your own tray.

We have literally have  hundreds of shapes and cannot possibly show every picture we have, so please ask if you don't see what you're looking for.   The possibilities are endless and may include photo/logo cookies or a combination of assorted shapes.

ALL custom themed gifts must be phoned in to 702-361-8885 or toll free 1-877- 234-5577 and we are happy to offer suggestions if needed.