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About the Network

cookie zoo truckThe Cookie Zoo is a Las Vegas company that specializes in homemade cookies and other unique gourmet gift items. Delicious made-from-scratch cookies and other delectable edibles reflect Cookie Zoo’s simple mission statement:

"To provide a fresh quality gift at an affordable price."

The Beginning

It all started in my kitchen back in 1990. Frustrated by the limitations of being an employee of a major hotel/casino, I was staring out the window one day, wondering what I could do with my two very favorite things, cookies and animals. Suddenly, and this is the truth, the name "Cookie Zoo" popped into my head.

My original idea was a little over the top but, well, it is Las Vegas, after all. Recklessly, I proceeded with my plan to market "cookie cards". It was a complete failure. Folks didn't care about the cards but they sure loved the cookies. Then, I did a test market at a swap meet and being eco-conscious, I had the cookies in brown paper bags with a printed label but folks kept asking what was in the bag (note to self, window bags)..we decorated the booth with some of my personal stuffed animals and tied cookies around their necks and everyone wanted to buy the animals so that gave me another idea. Over time, I got more and more helpful suggestions special requests, ideas and although I made lots of mistakes getting here,The Cookie Zoo today is in a beautiful 1,800 sq ft. facility, creating all kinds of homemade treats.

Our Specialties

Being ever-conscious about good health and a real nut about freshness, I've expanded the Cookie Zoo gift line to include freshly prepared vegetable appetizer trays, fruit kabob specialties and a variety of healthy gourmet products to accompany our fresh baked cookies and brownies. Of course, all are available in our beautiful, custom-made gift trays and baskets.

At Cookie Zoo, we hope to become your year-round gourmet gift source. We guarantee our delicious products will always be well received. Please call toll free 1-877-234-5577

The Cookie Zoo ...it's simply the delicious thing to do!